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10 Reasons Why Blogging Can Improve Your Personal and Professional Life

So why blogging?

Well, If you are like the billions of other people in the world today, deep down, you want to be heard. You want to express yourself freely. You want your thoughts organized and let loose rather than keeping them bundled up in your mind.

You may want to even start blogging because you heard how much money some bloggers can earn. To be fully transparent, I haven’t earned a penny blogging yet, but what I have earned is people’s time.

I have earned their time by authentically wanting to inspire and motivate them. To share knowledge of my current experiences and expertise on specific topics that they might be struggling with.

At the end of the day, that is what blogging is. Being authentic and putting your whole self into your articles. To share your wisdom and knowledge. To connect with those that are like you. To create interesting content that screams out to your reader. And lastly, to inspire that one reader who takes time out of their day to read your blog.

If you are interested in knowing why blogging can improve your personal and professional life, keep reading.

Personal Benefits to Blogging

1. Blogging allows your voice to be heard. If you are an introvert, blogging may be Heaven on Earth for you. Those things that leave butterflies in your stomach and chills down your spine like; meeting new people and being the center of attention. Blogging allows you to do this in the comfort of your own home and safety.

Every single person in this world has something to say. Blogging allows you to let your frustrations out freely. Voice your opinion on the heavy subjects that keep you up at night. Voicing your opinion on some matters can release much stress you may be having. Releasing them will give you more time to enjoy the joyful moments of life.

Don’t be afraid, speak out. Your experiences are everything. Your experiences can change someone’s life for better, don’t take them lightly.

2. Blogging makes room for self-growth. Sooner or later, after starting your blog, you will have a history of old blog posts you can scroll through. You will get to see how much you have grown through your previous experiences, knowledge, opinions, and interests. If you start to feel uneasy about your current journey, look back at where you started and appreciate your improvement and growth!

I never thought I would become a writer, but I have understood the impact and power in words for other people. After committing to writing over 400 words a day, I have seen improvements in my writing and daily productivity due to practicing diligently.

You will start to grow confidence the more you write — and confidence is key for your self-growth.

3. Blogging can create new opportunities. If you are an expert at specific topics, or your experiences are deemed to be shared, you may be asked to speak on these topics or experiences for businesses or at conferences.

The beautiful thing about blogging is if you have something valuable to say and say it well, you can be identified as an expert on that particular topic.

If you are looking to get into freelance writing or content writing, your blog can be your portfolio to present to potential clients. Promoting yourself will be much easier having a link to your publications that you can send to those requesting to see your work.

4. Blogging allows you to attract an audience and meet new people. The more you write and improve, blogging can enable you to reach hundreds, thousands, and some of the best bloggers even reach billions of people. The more value you put out, the more readers will be attracted to you.

Not only can you attract an audience, but you can also meet new friends and business connections.

Take the time to reply to some of the comments people may leave for you. Replies will help build your audience and create a relationship with your readers.

5. Blogging can you give you the creative outlet you been looking for. Some people play sports. Others cook. Some draw. Why can’t you write?

Blogging can open up your creative side and help you discover new passions. Instead of making deadlines and worrying about your day to day responsibilities through your job, when you begin to blog, relax, and take a deep breath. Be creative; be yourself. Remember, you can do this in the comfort of your own home when you have free time.

Professional Benefits to Blogging

1. Become a thought leader in your business industry. Regardless of the size of your business, if you have valuable thought-provoking information, people will listen.

If you consistently provide informative and trustworthy content through your blog, over time, you will become an expert in your field, which will bring on customers and clients that will remain loyal to you.

This is most important for small businesses seeking to gain credibility and compete with larger corporations.

2. Blogging can help you generate more leads. Leads turn into customers. You can connect with leads through your blogs. Adding an email subscription option will help your marketing efforts. This will allow those potential customers to regularly see your blog posts and open to email marketing opportunities that will promote your business. The more you connect with a lead and provide valuable information, the higher chance you have of them turning into customers.

3. Can teach and go in more depth about your products. With a blog, you further explain the features of your products. Teach about the benefits and why someone would need your product. You could even write case studies and “how-to” guides if you like.

If your company continues to take the time to produce in-depth content about your products, you will soon be seen as an authority in your business industry.

4. Blogging breeds social media exposure. Valuable blog posts will quickly help you become more discovered on social media. Usually, on all blogging platforms, you can share your content on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This will bring much more exposure to your business posting content on multiple sites, reaching audiences you never knew were out there.

5. Blogging can bring more traffic to your website. What company does not want to increase their visibility? The more content you can create, the better chance you will have of showing up in many search engines and driving much more traffic to your website.

By using keywords, images, and videos, your SEO strategy will continue to strengthen and gain more exposure over the internet. A blog will give you the best chance of ranking higher in search engines, which would give you the exposure you have been seeking for your business.

Still don’t see the benefit of blogging?

Companies with blogs get 67% more leads than those without one. Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.

Lastly, if you choose to create a blog, focus on producing content that will be engaging and inspiring for your readers. Give them no choice but to come back for more.

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.” — Leed Odden
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