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4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking at Your Circle

In my short life and career, I’ve learned that one of the most significant decisions we will continue to make is with whom we spend our time with.

We usually don’t think about this, but who we spend our time with, has a significant influence on how we view the world, what we think about, and even how we do things.

It’s not rocket science; if you think about something for long enough, it is going to impact everything in your life. I use not believe in the statement, “You are who you hang around with.” But I have seen the truth in that statement.

Sometimes we get stuck in a season of our life or see minimal progress due to the simple fact that we aren’t paying attention to who is in our inner circle. Who are we taking advice from, who is influencing our decisions? These are questions we have to ponder on when feeling complacent or stuck in a certain season of life.

Seeking wise counsel

I believe in every word in the bible. And one of the verses in the book of Proverbs speaks on seeking wise counsel.

“Without counsel, plans fail, but with many advisers, they succeed.” — Proverbs 15:22

When we are faced with hard decisions or anything, we tend to go to those closest to us for advice, feedback, some type of guidance, I encourage you the next time you are faced with a hard decision or in a dilemma perhaps. Take a second and look at your circle. Do they have the wisdom to help you make the best decision that will benefit you?

4 Questions to ask yourself

  1. Who are a few people with whom you spend the majority of your time?

  2. Which direction are they pulling you, closer to your dreams or improvement? Or further away from them.

  3. How many of them are living the advice they give you?

  4. Who are some people who have accomplished a similar dream to yours that you could start learning from? How can you bring them into your circle?

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