• Jonny Parker

4 Wine Tips That Will Help You Impress Any Serious Wine Lover

You are sitting at the dinner table with clients, friends, family, or staff. Expensive wine is being passed around the table. Big and elegant words are being spat out and you have no idea what they mean.

It comes to your turn to give your thoughts on the succulent wine you just tasted, now what?

Everyone is awaiting your take on the little piece of Heaven you just tasted, but you freeze and don’t know what to say.

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s bound to happen if you are out with serious wine lovers. Check out these 4 tips you can implement now that will help you impress any person that takes wine seriously.

1. “It’s Interesting”

You cannot go wrong with “It’s interesting.” Fake it till you make it, who cares what the others think. Say it with boldness and confidence. Swirl the wine, smell it, if you like it give it another sip. If not, well don’t. “It’s interesting” will buy you some time to think about what your taste buds are telling you and if you enjoy it or not.

2. Common Wine descriptions

All wines have descriptions. Just like that one friend or family member that gets on your last nerves, I’m sure you have a word that describes. Well, in many ways wine sells based off their description. When you haven’t tasted the wine before, you probably look to the description to see if it can make your mouth water before buying.

When tasting wine around those wine lovers, give some of these descriptions a try.

  1. Bold

  2. Big

  3. Buttery

  4. Fruity

  5. Complex

  6. Crisp

  7. Hint of

  8. Elegant

If you want to get an understanding of these descriptions and more insight on what they actually mean. Check out Wine Folly, they go in-depth about these descriptions and more.

3. Hold the Glass by the Stem or Base

Have you ever been judged at the dinner table? Well, if you are around serious wine lovers don’t be surprised if they judge you off how you hold a wine glass.

Holding the glass in other ways could affect the temperature of the wine, and that is a big no-no to the wine pros.

So, want to show some proper wine etiquette? Holding the glass properly is a good start.

4. Remember the 5 S’s

If you don’t know a single thing about wine. Take these into consideration and you will be just fine.

See: Simply look at the wine, tilt your glass, and notice the color.

Swirl: While holding your glass properly, move it in a circular motion. This allows oxygen to mix with the wine.

Sniff: Get a good smell of the wine. If you are just getting into wine, this will be a tricky one to nail. Allow your mind to wander and pick up certain scents that come to you.

Sip: The best part! Take a small sip, not a gulp yet. We know its tempting. Try swishing the wine around your mouth so you can receive the full effect of its flavor. Does your mouth water and salivate? Does it taste sweet? These are questions to think about when sipping on wine.

Savor: After the sip, hold the wine in your mouth for a few seconds then swallow. Take a moment to evaluate the wine, tasting notes, and overall complexity. After this, feel free to indulge in a larger pour and enjoy!

There is much more to know about wine than just these 4 tips. But use this as a quick guide before your next dinner date with the wine pros and impress them with what you have learned!

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