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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Yourself and Get a Life Coach

As a young man, my mother would always preach to me about the power of investing in yourself. One of the more critical ways of doing so was to seek out a life coach.

At first, the thought of seeking out help from another man was freighting to me. My father played an insignificant role in my life, so reaching out to an older man asking for help and advice freaked me out. The last thing I needed was another broken bond and a shattered heart.

But I believed in the words she pounded into my skull: “Invest in yourself.”

So I took a chance, and that chance happened to change my life. The bond and chemistry that was instantly created the first day of meeting my, now mentor, left me hungry to learn and desire more for myself. Nevermind the fact that I emptied my bank account to start working with this gentleman I now call a good friend. And I’m not saying go out and empty your bank accounts!

I knew this investment was the right move not only for my financial future but for my mental toughness and personal growth NOW. If you are teetering the line on whether or not you should invest in yourself and get a life coach, check these five reasons out, and for the sake of us both, I’m abbreviating Life Coach to LC’s!

1. LC’s can see something in us that we may not be able to.

A mentor cannot only see talent and ability within you, but they can draw it out of you. Sometimes we need that hope that is deep within us to be pulled out to the light. LC’s also do an excellent job of going against the grain. It may feel uncomfortable in the beginning but appreciated in the end. Too many times, our ego’s receive too many pats on the back when what we need is constructive criticism and maybe even a kick in the butt.

I knew that I had talents, gifts, and potential, but I didn’t know where to start. I was a chicken with his head cut off until my coach helped me narrow my focus, improve on my weaknesses while strengthening my strongest intangibles.

2. LC’s will challenge you.

My coach would often put me in awkward situations, like sitting in silence. Closing my eyes and centering my thoughts. Or after asking him a question, he would simply respond with, “Hmm,” and remain silent for about 30 seconds.

At first, this would make me feel so uncomfortable and frustrated. He would just stare at me, and I would look back only for a couple of seconds before trying not to burst out in a laugh of complete nervousness.

He taught me the power of silence. Whoever said that you needed to respond to someone’s question in a specific time frame? The more I understood this; the more my ideas would flow. Peace was easy to capture. Questions were easier to process. The quieter I became, the more I was able to hear.

Thought-provoking questions were always a part of our sessions. Some I knew how to answer, some I had to think about for a while before answering honestly. And that is when I learned the power of asking questions. His questions helped remove barriers in my mind while also gaining much more self-awareness.

3. LC’s provide knowledge which equals power.

From day one, my coach was a wealth of knowledge — many more years of experience in business and life. I became a sponge every session we would have. There were many things I gained from our conversations that I would have never learned in a classroom.

I was questioned many times on why I wanted to pursue or invest in an LC. The answer was easy; they have knowledge that I need. I was already acting on and applying what I had, but I lacked organized knowledge and information, which he had. Why not ask for help from those who have taken the path that you are about to begin? I was fortunate enough to be paired with someone who could see what others could not and provide me with what I was missing to be successful at the next stage of my life.

Working with someone that had already done what I wanted to accomplish made my learning curve quite shorter while also learning at an accelerated rate.

4. LC’s offer much-needed inspiration and encouragement along the way.

We are humans. There are days when we don’t feel like getting out of bed or working on our crafts. My coach would empathize with me, but also remind me of the expectations we set. Not only was he one of my biggest fans, but he offered moral support when I wanted to give up and encouragement in my darkest times.

A great LC will embrace you in not only the best moments of your life but also the toughest. The moments where we need encouragement and hope the most. It is an excellent feeling to know that someone is always in your corner and that you are never alone. We all want someone in our lives that believe in us. It gives us the hope and confidence that we need to chase our goals and dreams.

5. LC’s set healthy boundaries and expectations.

When I first met my coach, I didn’t know what to expect. But thankfully, he took the lead and set healthy expectations and boundaries if we were to work together.

He was not begging me to be his client, he knew his value and what he could offer — it was now up to me if I wanted to further the conversations and build a mentor and mentee relationship. I happily accepted and respected what the boundaries of this relationship would hold. A few looked like this:

  • Be on time for each meeting or call. Respect each others time.

  • Commit to doing the assigned homework. If I cannot complete it, be honest, and inform him 24 hours ahead of a scheduled meeting.

  • Conversations are to be held through email or phone calls, not text.

Now obviously knowing him for 3+ years, our relationship has changed and some of his expectations and boundaries as well. But they made me respect him so much more. He conducted himself professionally, and as a businessman, two attributes I happily learned and took from him to add to my life. Working with an LC is a privilege for you both.

In a nutshell

LC’s invest their time and energy into you as you do for them. LC’s help you become the best version of yourself. LC’s are your sounding board and biggest connectors. LC’s show interest in your success. LC’s have experiences you can learn from in life and business. LC’s offer encouragement and inspiration when we need it most. LC’s stimulate personal and professional growth which is key to your success.

I am blessed to have said I learned and gained much wisdom from having a Life Coach. I am even more fortunate that one day I will be able to return the favor to those who may need a push in the right direction.

That is what life’s about, right? Sharing knowledge, providing value, offering a helping hand. There’s no better feeling than sharing what wisdom you have gained from others. Now, how can you benefit from having a Life Coach?

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