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5 Ways to Maximize Your Gift in The Workplace

Before writing this, I asked myself: Am I really writing an article on finding your purpose and passion at work?

If you go to Google and type in those three words: passion, purpose, and workplace, you will be flooded with fist-pumping motivation and simple pointers. Followed by a brief high for a week or two, only to find yourself right back at square one — stooped down in your office chair going through the motions at work thinking about what’s for dinner tonight.

Instead of adding to the millions of articles that you can find on the web about this topic, I want to share with you real steps that I have seen work and provide fruits for labor that is being done. It’s a process, a slow-grind, but when done, it can change your life. I know because I have seen it happen to my mentor and good friend.

When he worked at Hulu, he used the steps that I am about to show you that took him from just going through the motions at work to using his God-given gift and teaching others how to build the confidence and skill to express oneself through public speaking. Check it out:

Speak About Your Gift Often

When rolling your gift out in the workplace, you want to first speak to your coworkers about it, but do it discreetly. When my mentor talked about public speaking to his colleagues, he would observe their responses. Some admitted that public speaking was daunting, while others liked it; some even wanted to improve it.

Asking questions that relate to your gift to others will reveal and uncover opportunities, enthusiasts, supporters, and allies. All monumental in the accepting of your gift being used in the workplace.

Teach Your Gift to Others

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for, an opportunity to show your gift off to colleagues and maybe even potential clients. But wait a second, just because it’s natural for you, can’t be said for others. Schedule a meeting to lead a workshop where you will teach your gift.

Maybe about an hour or so, not too long, but long enough to make a bright impression and add immense value. If you are worried about who to invite, no need to be, your gift may not be for everyone, but it will be for someone.

Invite your friends at the office These will be the easiest to invite.

Invite your direct team members Semi-easy. They should trust you enough that you have their best interest in mind.

Invite coworkers who you think might be interested Intermediate. Remember those colleagues you told about your gift that expressed a little interest or gave a few eyebrow raises? Yeah, invite them too.

Invite that one person you don’t talk to Hard. You don’t know this person, and it may be an awkward ask. But remember, your gift may not be for everyone, but it will be for someone.

Tell Your Manager About Your Gift

You’re thinking to yourself, “Yes, I did it, I shared it. Let’s wait and see where this goes.” Not so fast. The work is not yet finished. If you want to express your gift in the workplace, your manager’s support is essential to the success of this role out. First step here: schedule a one on one meeting with your manager.

Share with them how passionate you are about wanting to use your gift in the workplace. Remember, you are a passionate team member who can add tremendous value to the team if your potential is fully tapped. After sharing your gift with your manager, ask if there is room in your current role to exercise your gift?

Don’t be discouraged if the need is not immediate. The point is to be open and authentic about your professional goals and how they can add value to the team while also bearing self-fulfillment. This honest feedback will build a relationship that will serve you both in the future.

Create Opportunities

Here is where you want to get creative and strategic. Volunteer to take on new projects that align with your gift.

Ask to speak at your next team meeting to present your project. Announce that you are creating a club that surrounds your gift. Provide those who attend detailed teachings and trainings, serve them powerfully.

Be proud of your gift that you want to share, become more vocal, and create a reputation of openness and desire to want to provide something that others may not be able to. Maybe you even become the “go-to” person for your particular set of skills, which will attract more opportunities your way.

Add Real Value

Ultimately, if you want to maximize your gifts in the workplace, they have to translate to business value for the company. So before doing so, ask yourself: is it logical, and how does it better the company? Otherwise, it’s difficult for your manager, coworkers, and yourself to justify spending time trying to implement them.

Take some time and think: how can I make my gift indispensable to my role? Be sure to document the impact of your efforts in a way that’s measured. And please, please be patient. This will be a process. Your role wasn’t intended to accommodate your gift, but through daily efforts, self-initiative, and meaningful results, you will be able to shape your role to maximize your gift.

If you are interested in building the skills to express yourself when it matters most, to overcome the fear of public speaking, or take your speaking to the next level, check out ultraspeaking.com.

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