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How to Put First Things First

Would you consider yourself a productive person? Or someone who has their priorities straight?

Better yet, do you put first things first?

What I mean by that is, are you putting and accomplishing the most important things in your life before anything else? It’s being committed and clear about your priorities and acting on them. I believe putting first things first is where everything should start. But as a culture, we tend to put success, monetary items, and winning above it all.

“We put so much emphasis on winning and success in our culture, it makes us wonder if one day we will get to the top of the ladder and realize our ladder was on the wrong building.”

When we make this decision of putting first things first in our lives, the results will take care of themselves.

How to Apply “First things First.”

  1. Try writing out your obituary.

  2. Ask yourself, “what do you want to be remembered for?”

  3. Ask yourself, “what do you want people to say about you when you’re gone?”

An example of what putting first things first might look like for an entrepreneur or business person:

  • Putting family before work.

  • Focusing on your health.

  • Focusing on people, not numbers in the workplace.

  • Serving your team.

  • Focus on the process rather than the results.

  • Focus on progress rather than achievement.

  • Understanding that your value comes from who you are, not what you do.

When we are lying on our deathbed, we will wish we put those most important things in our life first. Life is short; don’t take it for granted. Choose to live a life of putting first things first, and the second things will come as a result.

“When we put first things first, second things are not suppressed, rather they increase.” — C.S. Lewis
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