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How to spice things up while working from home

I’ll admit when my company announced that we were going to be working from home until further notice, I jumped for joy. 

Not because I would be away from my co-workers and the office space, but because I never did mind the idea of working from home. As much as I am a peoples person, I am much more of an introverted, put my head down, and work type of guy. 

After the second month of working from home, I realized I needed to switch things up. I needed a new rhythm and flow to my days, so I wouldn't just be another hamster in the wheel. So I did just that, made some changes to my daily work routine, and noticed my days going by much smoother and even had energy left to spare at the end of my workdays. 

Here is how I spiced things up for myself while working from home. 

Got after it early 

I am an early bird by nature. I usually wake up at 6:00 am to get my day started, but I noticed that I started falling from this routine when I started working from home, I was getting up around 6:45 am-7:00 am. I then had to rush to get myself together, make my morning coffee or tea, and prepare for a 7:30 am call. 

Once I changed my daily routine and got back to my 6:00 am morning rhythm, I felt much more productive and energized for my morning calls and email responses. 

You may not be an early bird, but organizing your mornings are key to starting your day off the right way. Organize your morning however you see fit; everyone's schedule is different. Just be sure to give yourself some time before jumping into back to back to back meetings all morning; you will thank yourself later. 

Can’t miss a workout 

Maybe it’s the athlete in me, but I feel so unaccomplished if I miss a workout. God forbid I go on social media during the day and see my buddies getting a nice workout in the morning before starting work. 

My company encourages us to step away from our desk from time to time. Which I am very appreciative of. I take the time to get in a solid 30–45-minute workout. I don't have a particular time that I workout Monday-Friday. It just all depends on what meetings and openings I have that day. 

Try dedicating your free time to working out. Whether it be weights or a light walk or jog, I guarantee that a 30–45-minute workout will leave you feeling accomplished and maybe a little bit tired, but most importantly, proud you took some time to improve yourself that day. 

I refuse to sit all day

Unfortunately, I don’t have a stand-up desk — yet. Nor do I have a good chair, which reminds me I need to invest in a comfortable chair. 

I find no need or thrill in sitting in the chair looking at my computer screen all day. When given the opportunity, I will take a stroll downstairs, go outside to see my dog for a quick second, stand up and stretch, whatever I can to get my body up and moving. 

You don’t have to be an overachiever, but I have seen people set up a treadmill desk and bike workstations. Talk about spicing things up! 

Have you thought about trading in your office chair for an exercise ball? Trust me. You won't regret it!

Try to commit to moving every once in a while. If you are listening in on a call, walk around the room, do some stretching, and stay loose, but please stay focused. The last thing you would want is to be called upon, and you have no clue what is going on — embarrassing. 

I dress for success 

Maybe I lucked out, but I have yet to have a video conference call. So I can work in whatever I want all day long — yay for me. 

But I personally will feel absolutely lazy if I just worked in my pajamas all day. So, workout clothes it is. Me putting on workout clothes bright and early forces me to work out that day. I'm not just going to dirty up my workout outfits for nothing. 

If you know your calendar will be packed with meetings all day, and you will only have 30 minutes to an hour getaway, try the half-and-half approach. From the waist down, you wear whatever is comfortable or have your workout attire on. On the top, you wear something presentable for your video conference calls. With this approach, you're dressed for success. 

Maybe your company doesn't care what you wear if that's the case — yay for both of us! 

Junk food will be the death of me

I know I am not the only one who struggles with eating your favorite unhealthy snack in one hand while trying to respond to an email from your manager with the other or am I? 

To keep myself from snacking on junk food all day long, I had to do the following things:

  1. Simple, stop buying them. 

  2. Keeping them far away from me — downstairs in my kitchen. 

  3. When it’s time to snack, grabbing a healthy portion size and bringing them to my desk, not the whole bag. 

  4. Fruits, nuts, yogurts, and a gallon of water did the trick. 

In a way, we all are in this together. So why not help one another through these odd and difficult times? 

You can be just as successful at home as you are in the office. Everyone's circumstance is different, yes, but we have to make the most of what we have. Remember, we are blessed even still to have a job. 

Consider what your overall week looks like, set a plan, follow it, and stay consistent. Working from home doesn't have to be boring and robotic; spice things up!

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