• Jonny Parker

Mission-Driven vs. Goal-Driven

In today’s society, we are convinced that if we do not have goals, we are lost.

We tend to put our worth and value in the outcome of whether we succeed or fail at a specific goal. We tend to forget that our value is not in what we do; it’s in who we are. And goals have a lot to do with that.

“What if our goals were actually holding us back from becoming the people we want to be and achieving our greatest potential?”

Imagine if we lived a life that was focused around commitments and what we can control, like a mission-driven life.

When we focus on things inside of our control, the gap naturally closes between where we are and where we want to be.

But when we decide to focus on goals, we put our energy in things that are usually outside of our control, bring stress and pressure, and drown ourselves in negative self-talk when we fail.

What Living a Goal-Driven Life Looks Like

  • We focus on things that are outside of our control.

  • We focus more on the outcome rather than the process.

  • We allow goals to define our worth as a person.

  • We believe true satisfaction and fulfillment can be found through the achievement of our goals.

What Living a Mission-Driven Life Looks Like

  • We choose to live a life that is focused on commitments and what we can control.

  • We focus on the process and not the outcome.

  • We put first things first in our lives.

  • We believe our value comes from who we are, not in what we do or accomplish.

When we let go of goals and focus on commitments, things inside of our control, and a mission, we no longer have to concern ourselves with the outcome, because the results will take care of themselves.
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