• Jonny Parker

The One Thing That Separates The Best From The Rest

I believe there is one thing that separates the most successful people in the world compared to the rest. Actually, I can guarantee it. It’s Diligence.

Do you struggle with being diligent? I am not ashamed to admit it, of course, I do. Remaining diligent is probably one of the toughest things to do. I tend to procrastinate; it’s something that I know I am not alone in. But I am working to be intentional and purposeful in my craft — which is writing.

What is your craft? What is that one thing you love to do, but sometimes you simply just don’t do it? Whatever it is, we can get better together.

What is Diligence?

Google defines diligence as careful and persistent work or effort. This is true, but I want to go more in-depth on the definition.

As I said above, diligence is what separates the best from the rest — the great from the average. Diligence is what brings about change in one’s life.

It’s what makes leaders, rulers, and kings. When one is diligent, their plans are sure to lead to success, their grind and consistent work ethic will be paid off.

Diligence is a fundamental part of life, and it can lead to many rewards when the road is traveled upon. To be diligent requires perseverance, it requires a person to get up regardless of how many times they have fallen. It requires a person to try again and again after failure. It requires faith.

A diligent person will be blessed and given the advantage no matter his title compared to his peers.

“The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty” — Proverbs 21:5

Diligence in Action

Diligence is what causes rocks to erode; the consistent pecking of a drop of water on a stone will leave a big impression just by being persistent.

It’s the athlete that decides to get in extra practice while his or her teammates have gone home, sleeping, or out at parties.

It’s the ambitious salesperson that arrives at the office earlier than his colleagues and leaves much after they have.

It’s the entrepreneur that comes home from their full-time job to work on their side hustle until it becomes their dream career.

It’s the parent that commits to spending time with their kids regardless of how busy and hard their day was.

It’s a college student earning their degree. Degrees don’t equate to brightness and intelligence; they equate to diligence. Doing a little thing for a long time until it became a big thing.

What do all of these examples have in common? — Persistent hard work. It can be done, whatever it is that you want to pursue or become great at is 100% obtainable. Set your mind to it; it’ll work if you work it.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  1. Are you procrastinating more than you are working?

  2. Are you giving 100% to your craft or that one thing you want to see succeed? Could you do more?

  3. Are you consistent in your efforts? Are you doing it when you don’t feel like it?

  4. Are you acting working diligently without faith?

  5. How much more can you make a difference if you become diligent?

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