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Why Your Business Should be Focusing on Social Media Marketing During This Pandemic

COVID-19 has rapidly put billions at a halt, and the majority of them being stuck at home. This pandemic has been unprecedented and will have a long term effect on how businesses are run today.

With change knocking on our doors, we have to provide answers on how our businesses are going to maneuver and adapt. Look no further because building a social media marketing strategy can aid you in this new journey.

What is a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

It is a detailed map or blueprint that should summarize what you plan to do, put into action, and plan to achieve on social media. It should provide answers to the what, when, how, and why for the content you will post for your business.

Tweeting, replying, liking, and commenting is only part of the job. These all should come from a well-prepped strategy and purpose.

This strategy is all for your audience. If you want to gain their trust and loyalty, you have to understand them. Does what they want align with your goals? What can you offer them that will keep them coming back for more?

There is no better tool in the world today to target your niche audience than social media marketing, but for this type of marketing to be successful, you have to design a social media strategy. Better yet, coming up with a strategy that is personalized to your industry. This will play a significant role in your social media marketing efforts.

Questions to Think About While Creating a Social Media Strategy:

  • Who do you want your audience to be?

  • What are your goals?

  • When and how often will you communicate on your social network?

  • What type of content will your business be sharing?

  • Which social platform will you put most of your efforts into using?

  • Is your social media platform relevant to your business?

  • How is your competition using social media to drive their business?

  • How can you improve your current social media profiles?

  • What makes you different than your competitors?

  • How will you measure your performance?

If you are looking for a great article on social media strategy or in need of a social media strategy template, check out Hootsuite. They are social media experts and specialize in enhancing social media management.

Why You Should Focus on Social Media Marketing Right Now

There is a massive demand for online content right now. People all over the world are seeking information, looking for inspiration, and reading content in hopes of passing by the time.

Recently, Facebook put out a report that there has been a 70% spike up in Italy alone in usage across all of their apps. Total messaging has increased by more than 50% over the last month. Look at the power of social media.

Facebook is not the only social channel that is seeing substantial increases in users and engagement. Reddit is currently booming; their traffic has increased by 20–50% in the topics of business, news, travel, education, and finance. TikTok is approaching 2 billion installs during this pandemic.

Currently, written and digital content are needed at an all-time high. People are rapidly consuming; how are you going to get a part of the mix?

You Can Become an Inspiring and Encouraging Voice in Your Industry Right Now

If you go on the internet, you will be drowned in news articles and new statistics every day of the impact of COVID-19. It’s’s scary times, and people are feeling anxious and lost. Focus on creating content that will impact your customer’s well-being. Provide content that will not only be engaging but encouraging during this time.

Letting your customers know that your business is in good standing will shed some light on questions and bring some joy to their hearts. This will make you stand out amongst the competition. Providing impactful content will not only build longterm loyalty and trust with your customers but also your employees. Show them that your business is about putting people over numbers.

There are so many ways your business can be creative in sending content out right now, you just have to put a little thought into it. Artists and DJs have been performing live concerts and singing their favorite songs for their fans on Instagram. Pro athletes are having live chats with fans and other pros on conversations that fans want to tune in to. Your business has something unique it can offer, think of ways you can inspire your consumers and stand out amongst the competition.

Social Media Marketing Will Prepare You for Future Business Uncertainties

We don’t know what the business world will look like when we get through this, but what is for sure is that the businesses that adapt the quickest will be the most successful. Brick and Mortars are closing down and some are even closing their doors for good, but the businesses that are providing products to their customers online can still thrive through this pandemic.

E-commerce sales have had a whopping 75% increase as shoppers and consumers have stayed away from stores. To be successful in this time, finding ways to offer services through virtual technology are critical. I know this can seem like a daunting task to some, but the internet has made this possible for you to still be successful while being stuck at home. I’ve even seen fitness businesses stay profitable by creating virtual classes and challenges for people to do at home. It’s’s possible for your business too.

Stay Positive and Look to the Future

If no one else has said it, let me be the first to tell you: You are going to be okay, and your business can still make it. But your businesses success won’t come without adapting to the current circumstances and what’s to come.

COVID-19 may have taken the world by storm, and sure this has changed consumers behaviors, but social media marketing can lighten the burden that you have on your shoulders. As I stated in my point above;

Written and digital content are needed at an all-time high right now. People are rapidly consuming; how are you going to get a part of the mix?

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